Featured Work: Maddie Blecha Photography

Branding and Logo Design for Small Business, Simple Branding

Maddie Blecha is a Chicago-based wedding and newborn photographer. With a focus on new beginnings, she aims to artistically capture the details, genuine moments and sweet imperfections of life. When Maddie reached out to me about her rebrand, she mentioned that she was looking for a simplistic, clean and handcrafted look. That sounded right up my alley, so I was extremely excited to work with her!

Like all of my branding projects, Maddie’s began with an in-depth questionnaire. From there, I created a brand strategy, mood board and color palette that was tailored to her business. The goal was to create a brand that felt welcoming, handcrafted and calm.


I started working on several logo concepts, and eventually landed on the perfect combination. The final logo showcases a classic serif font paired with modern sans-serif sub text. The combined elements keep the logo minimal, welcoming and timeless. The slightly rounded letters are softened with a connecting line in the center. The hand drawn leaf provides a handcrafted look that I carried throughout the secondary logo marks to create consistency and brand recognition with potential clients.


While the main brand asset is the branch of leaves, the supporting marks are meant to appeal to Maddie’s ideal client and reflect the personality of the brand. The sketched lines give each mark a handcrafted, genuine look and represent the sweet imperfections Maddie Blecha Photography aims to capture. These marks will be used on marketing materials, stationery, company website, pricing guides and more.


Maddie was such a sweet and talented client. I had so much fun creating a brand that was tailored to her business and that compliments her stunning photos. If you want to check her out, click here! If you'd like to get started on your own branding, I'd love to hear from you! Click the button below or email me directly at hello@lisacron.design.