Thanks for stopping by! My name is Lisa Cron and I'm a Cincinnati-based graphic designer. I'm an INFJ that loves simplicity, white space, and beautiful things.

I help small business owners bring their ideas to life and attract their ideal clients with a cohesive and thoughtful brand. While branding is a large part of what I do, I also love helping brides by creating custom stationery and calligraphy for their wedding day.

I know the design process can be intimidating and that's why I'm here! For five years, I worked in corporate and start-up atmospheres. I've designed print and digital media for a variety of target audiences and I know the benefits of good design. In 2016, I started freelancing on the side. I wanted to do more of the things I loved, so I used my experience in design to help others craft beautiful brands and stationery. I eventually pursued it full time and I've learned a lot along the way. I'm passionate about helping like-minded individuals and small businesses, so if you're interested in working together I'd love to hear from you!


MY favorites:


my darling husband

plants & flowers (AND KEEPING THEM ALIVE!)

home decor

cookie dough ice cream AND milkshakes, or just plain cookie dough (CHOCOLATE CHIP, PLEASE!)


way too many TV shows to name (the office, parenthood, game of thrones, fixer upper and real housewives to give you an idea)